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Addressing Covid-19

Your health and safety are a top priority to OATS Transit! As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of the COVID-19 virus, our top concern has been the health and well-being of our riders and drivers. We need your help in keeping OATS Transit buses safe for everyone!

Precautions we have put into place for the foreseeable future include:

  • Riders should refrain from riding the bus if experiencing a fever or other forms of sickness. If you are sick, or have had recent contact with someone with coronavirus, do not board the bus until it’s deemed safe to do so. 

  • Please maintain proper space between yourself and other riders while on our bus.

  • Wash your hand often with soap and water - before and after boarding the bus and even during your trip if you can. If soap and water are not accessible, use hand sanitizer.

  • If you're using a wheelchair, please turn your head when the driver is securing your wheelchair to limit exposure to germs.

  • Drivers are cleaning the buses on a routine basis. Our drivers are supplied with personal protective equipment to help them with this additional duty and to ensure your bus is clean and properly sanitized.

Picture of someone sanitizing a bus seat with disinfectant.
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Our Service

Most of OATS Transit's service has returned to normal. There are still some areas where service is limited, or the funding agencies we contract with have opted to hold off on service. Please call your local OATS Transit office to inquire about service in your area.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a ride, please call your local office. Phone numbers can be found on our bus schedules page by clicking on your county. 

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