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OATS Executive Director Celebrates 30 Years

Executive Director, Dorothy Yeager

OATS Executive Director, Dorothy Yeager, was honored this week for 30 years of service with the company. The corporation has provided transportation in the state since 1971, and has grown to 760 employees and more than 800 vehicles.

Dorothy Yeager started at OATS in 1987 as Communications Assistant and promoted throughout her tenure. She has held the positions of Administrative Services Director and Assistant Executive Director, before being appointed as Executive Director in July 2012. She has an Associate’s degree in Communications from State Fair Community College and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri. Dorothy is President of the Missouri Public Transit Association; a State Delegate for the Community Transportation Association of America; a member of the Society for Human Resource Managers; and is also a Certified Community Transit Manager (CCTM) which is a national certification program for transit professionals. This activity in transit at both the state and national level has served OATS well, making it one of the most recognized community transit systems in the nation. It has grown to be one of the largest and most unique systems of its kind in the country.

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