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Adair County

OATS Transit & Kirk-Tran is available to anyone regardless of age, income, disability, race, gender, religion or national origin. 

To schedule a ride in Adair County, call 660-415-0901 or 800-654-6287.

Office Hours: Monday–Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

To Kirksville and Kirksville In-Town:

  • Monday-Friday


City of Kirksville Service:

Kirk-Tran Demand Response Route:

  • Monday - Friday: 6:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.

  • $3.00 for a one-way trip within city limits

  • $4.00 for a one-way trip outside city limits

*Anyone within a 15-mile radius of Kirksville can ride.


Kirk-Tran Deviated Fixed Route:    

  • Deviated means that in addition to boarding the bus at the stops listed below, passengers that cannot get to a bus stop can request to be picked up and dropped off up to ¾ of a mile off the bus route. The pickup and drop off locations will be at the curb. Reservations must be made in advance (at least a day before) by calling 800-654-6287. The route repeats the schedule listee below each hour. 

  • Monday-Thursday: 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.                                           

  • Friday: 7:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.                                               

  • Saturday: 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.    

  • $2.00 each time you board

  • $20 punch passes are available for purchase at Kirksville City Hall or from a Deviated Fixed Route driver.


Kirk-Tran Route Stops (Repeated Every Hour):                                            

7:00a.m. — Kirksville Gardens Apartments                        

7:02a.m. — R.A.I.L. (1100 S Jamison)                          

7:05a.m. — Sheraton Square Apartments                            

7:08a.m. — Hy-Vee Food & Drug                                        

7:11a.m. — Village 76/Kirksville Housing Authority                        

7:14a.m. — 1506 Crown Drive                                            

7:17a.m. — Fjeld Arms Apartments                                    

7:21a.m. — Walmart                                                          

7:25a.m. — Aldi                                                           

7:28a.m. — Family Services/Voc. Rehab Offices (1612 N Osteopathy)

7:32a.m. — Traveler's Apartments                         

7:35a.m. — Gutensohn Clinic                                            

7:38a.m. — St. Andrew’s Apartments                                  

7:40a.m. — Michigan Street/Sheltered Workshop             

7:43a.m. — Truman State University/Franklin and Randolph    

7:45a.m. — Preferred Family Healthcare (LaHarpe Campus)    

7:47a.m. — Kirksville Heights Apartments                          

7:49a.m. — Northeast Regional Health & Fitness Center      

7:51a.m. — High Hope Employment Services (906 East Shepherd)      

7:54a.m. — Adair County SB 40 Office (1107 Country Club)

*Times may vary by 10 minutes before or after scheduled time so be at the stops 10 minutes before times listed above. ​


Fares (one-way):

  • $3.00 for in-town riders

  • $4.00 for county service

  • $4.00 going to an adjacent county

  • $10.00 round trip (or $6 one-way) for long distance travel

  • $1.00 fee for each en-route stop

*Seniors age 60+ and individuals with disabilities age 18-59 riding under the AAA contract do not have a set fare, but are asked to contribute a minimum amount for their rides.

Service to Columbia:

Service along Hwy 63 from Lancaster to Kirksville to Macon to Moberly to Columbia:

  • Monday-Friday  

Service along Hwy 36, 15, 24 and 63 from Palmyra to Hannibal to Monroe City to Shelbina to Paris to Moberly to Columbia:

  • Tuesdays each month

Service along I-70 from Wright City to Warrenton to Jonesburg to New Florence to Montgomery City to Kingdom City to Columbia:

  • 4th Tuesday each month

Service along Hwy 36, 24 and 63 from Palmyra to Hannibal to Monroe City to Paris to Moberly to Columbia:

  • Thursdays each month

Service along Hwy 54 & I-70 from Louisiana to Bowling Green to Vandalia to Mexico to Kingdom City to Columbia:

  • 2nd Friday each month


Adair County Pickup Point for Service to Columbia:

  • Kirksville - Junction 63 & 11 HyVee Parking Lot

InterCity Service Information:

  • Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Appointments must be between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

  • Fares are $10.00 for a round trip and $6.00 for one-way.

Effective July 2023, Northeast Region drivers will no longer handle any payments from riders. Instead, riders can add funds to their account in advance, and fares will be withdrawn each time a rider rides. Riders can call 888-875-6287 to add funds to their account, which requires a minimum of $10 each time.

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