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A group of people standing in front of an OATS Transit bus.


Enhancing quality of life

by providing safe, caring,

and reliable transportation services.

This is a picture of riders and volunteers talking with a legislator.


Safe: Safely transporting passengers

to their destinations.

Caring: Treating passengers with

respect and compassion.

Reliable: Achieving and maintaining maximum standards of performance.

This is a group of veterans sitting on an OATS Transit bus smiling at the camera.


Every OATS Transit community receives superior transportation services.

OATS Transit is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation providing transportation to 87 counties in Missouri. We provide specialized transportation for thousands of Missourians, including the rural general public, senior citizens and people with disabilities. Our services will be available to everyone without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, age, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other factor prohibited by law.

OATS Transit offers a shared-ride, demand-response, door-to-door service. Many of our routes will connect you to other transportation services such as Amtrak, airports or intercity bus services. You can view our bus schedules here or call us at 888-875-6287. Our services range from taking toddlers to preschool, getting people to work each day, taking patients to life-saving medical appointments, and taking people shopping so they can continue living independently. We also offer contract transportation service for agencies.


The seeds for OATS Transit were first sown in 1970 when a group of Missourians returned from a White House Conference on Aging in which transportation was cited as a barrier for many people, especially in rural areas. Fostered by the extensive need for transportation, the organization grew exponentially and by 1973 was located in over 80 Missouri counties. We have grown to be one of the largest and most unique systems of its kind in the country. Our company is committed to sustainability and the people who make up our employee workforce. Our commitment to cultural synergy and organizational change makes our team stronger and more efficient, which allows us to continue serving thousands of Missourians. Our commitment to Operating Above the Standard is what sets us apart from others!

OATS Transit has received numerous awards and recognition over the last four decades. In 2016, OATS Transit was named the Rural Community Transportation System of the Year by the Community Transportation Association of America, and Transit Champions by MO Public Transit Association. OATS Transit takes pride in knowing they are the largest and most unique rural transportation provider in the entire country.

Our History

A group of OATS employees in 1971 inside of the Capital building.
A man in the 1970s being helped off of an OATS van.
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