OATS Transit

Your donations to OATS Transit make a big difference to those served across the State of Missouri. Making a donation is simple and tax deductible. Donate online today through PayPal by clicking the link below. You can leave a note to specify what you would like your donation to go toward.

Printable Donation Form

If you would prefer to mail a donation rather than process it online, you can do so. Download the donation form below, fill it out and mail it to our Home Office at: 


OATS, Inc., 2501 Maguire Blvd, Suite 101 Columbia, MO 65201​

Be sure to include your payment method, and if you want, you can specify what you would like your donation to go toward.

Neighborhood Assistance Program 

The Missouri Department of Economic Development awarded OATS Transit tax credits to support our Bus Match Program. Through this program, tax credits are equal to 50% of the value of the gift. You receive a direct credit when you file your tax return.


Any business, corporation, sole proprietorship or an individual renting property that incurs a Missouri state tax liability is eligible. Some donors create their own LLC to be able to donate through NAP. 

Other Ways to Donate