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Dade County 

OATS Transit is available to anyone regardless of age, income, disability, race, gender, religion, or national origin. 

To schedule a ride in Dade County, call 417-887-9272 or 800-770-6287.

Listed below is the transportation schedule for Dade County.


Effective February 1, 2023, fares will be increasing to the following:

In-town: $2.00

In-county: $3.00

Adjacent county: $4.00

Long-distance (3 or more counties): $6.00

Enroute stops: $1.00 for each stop

Service to Lamar: 

  • 1st and 2nd Thursday each month


Service to Greenfield/Lockwood:

  • 3rd, 4th, and 5th Thursday each month

Fares (one way):

  • In-town Springfield: $1.50 

  • In-town Rural Communities: $1

  • In-County: $1.50 

  • Adjacent County: $2.50

  • Long-Distance (three counties or more): $10 round-trip or $6 one-way

  • Additional cost per each en-route stop: $1

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