Pettis County 

OATS Transit is available to anyone regardless of age, income, disability, race, gender, religion, or national origin. 

To schedule a trip in Pettis County call the Sedalia OATS Transit office at 660-827-2611 or 800-276-6287.  Calls must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Fares (one-way):

  • $2.50 for in-town riders

  • $5.00 for county service

The fare charges only apply to Senior Center Buses and Area Wide Buses. Seniors 60+ and Individuals with disabilities 18-59 riding under the AAA contract do not have a set fare but are asked to contribute a minimum amount for their rides.

To Columbia: 1st & 3rd Tuesday each month

To Kansas City Area: 1st Wednesday each month

West County to Sedalia: 2nd & 4th Thursday each month

East County to Sedalia: 1st & 3rd Thursday each month

Sedalia Senior Center: Monday-Friday, 9:00am-1:00pm

Sedalia City Service       

Monday-Friday, 4:00am-6:00pm

includes Head Start, Monday-Thursday

  • includes Workshop, Monday-Friday

  • includes Sedalia to Dresden Tyson, Mon-Fri


Sedalia City Bus Deviated Fixed Route

Monday-Friday, 6:30am- 5:30pm;  Saturday, 8:30am- 4:30pm

$1.50 each way. Demand-Response service is also available and the fare is $2.50 each way. 

Pre-paid punch cards are available.

If you would like to schedule a ride, please call us. We do not schedule trips by email. Passengers can request to be picked up and dropped off up to 3/4 of a mile off the bus route.  The pick up and drop off locations will be at the curb.  Reservations must be made in advance, at least a day before, by calling the OATS Office at (660) 827-2611.  Below are the stops made each hour. 


Route A: Stop and Time                                                 

One 30-minute loop twice an hour

State Fair Shopping Center - (Transfer Stop) :00/:30

NE corner of 9th St at Limit (Walgreens) :03/:33

Dollar General :05/:35

Save-A-Lot :07/:37

Sunset Village Mobile Home Park :10/:40

Aldi :14/:43

Katy Trail Community Health :15/:45

Walmart :17/:47

Thompson Hills Shopping Center (JC Penney/Sears) :18/:48

10th St at Olsen (Family Medicine/Social Security) :21/:51

Bothwell Healing Arts Center :23/:53

State Fair Community College :26/:56


Route B1: Stop and Time

One 30-minute loop once an hour

State Fair Shopping Center - (Transfer Stop) :00 

Missouri State Fair Grounds (Conservation Dept.) :02   

NW corner of Plaza at Limit (Casey's/State Fair Inn) :05 

Smith-Cotton High School :08  

SE corner of Erica at Clinton (TLC Pediatrics) :14   

Katy Park :15    

SE corner of 16th at Grand (Casey's) :16  

16th St at Lamine & Ingram Ave :20

Centennial Park :22   

Senior Housing :25   


Route B2: Stop and Time

One 30-minute loop once an hour

State Fair Shopping Center - (Transfer Stop) :30  

Bothwell Regional Medical Center :38  

Woods Supermarket :41  

Sunrise Mobile Home Park :45  

Boonville Mobile Home Park :45  

Buckner Apartments :46   

Amtrak :48   

Downtown Sedalia :49    

NE corner of Moniteau at Broadway (Break Time) :51  

3rd St at Grand Ave :52   

Liberty Apartments & Liberty Park :54   


Saturday Route (8:30 am - 4:30 pm)

One 60-minute loop once per hour

State Fair Shopping Center - (Transfer Stop) :30  

NE corner of 9th St at Limit (Walgreens) :33  

Casey's at 16th & Grand Ave :40  

Bothwell Regional Medical Center :43     

Centennial Park :47  

Senior Housing :50     

Woods Supermarket :55   

Buckner Apartments :00    

Amtrak Depot :04      

Downtown Sedalia :05   

Break Time at Moniteau & Broadway :07  

3rd & Grand Ave :10    

Liberty Apartments & Liberty Park :13    

Dollar General :16     

Walmart :20    

Thompson Hills Shopping Center (JCPenney/Sears) :22  


Call the OATS Office at (660) 827-2611 for maps, bus passes and other information.  While every effort is made to stay on time, we may run up to 10 minutes late or 5 minutes early - please plan your trip accordingly.