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Behind the Scenes Wonder: Robbie Johnson

Robert (Robbie) Johnson began working as a driver for OATS Transit in 1996. He planned to only stay with us for 6 months to get through the dirt track racing season. But, due to his mechanical background and knowledge of Columbia, he was asked to move into a dispatcher position. He has been with us since and celebrated his 25th employee anniversary in 2021.

As a dispatcher, Robbie places riders on the driver's route so they can get from their appointments and back on time. He moves trips as needed if a driver is tied up with another rider, which means he juggles many moving parts at once. He also pulls buses out of the lineup if they need maintenance to ensure each driver has a safe and reliable way to transport riders.

“I really like my job. I like that it allows me to help people the best I can and work with computers," Robbie said. He spends a lot of his day working on the computer to track trips and alerts. If there's a problem, he wastes no time resolving it.

Robbie encourages anyone who likes helping people to apply for a job with OATS Transit. "We are the best at helping people with transportation needs," he added. "The office staff and drivers are friendly and courteous and really strive to be the best."

Because of employees like Robbie that work hard behind the scenes, we can continue to offer safe, caring, and reliable transportation to people all over Missouri.

Fast Facts:

Hired: March 1996

Title: Operations Coordinator - Dispatcher

Location: Mid-Missouri Office in Columbia, MO

(photo: Robbie Johnson)


“Enhancing quality of life by providing safe, caring & reliable transportation services.”


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