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Your Safety is our Top Priority

When it comes to riding on our buses, your safety is our highest priority. OATS Transit drivers take all preventable measures to ensure you are safe while riding with us.

Southwest region driver Don Kiblinger kneels beside fellow driver Aubrey Foster during a recent training using “Rescue Randy” instead of other drivers to prevent any compromise of social distancing guidelines.

We have over 500 drivers that receive training each year on more than 20 different topics ranging from ADA sensitivity, to defensive driving, to first aid, and more. Driver training is mandatory as part of our federal grants, and helps us provide the best and safest experience for you as a rider.

OATS Transit drivers have an enormous amount of responsibility and our training programs are built on a foundation of safety. “Providing the most effective and efficient training opportunities for our drivers is essential to continuously reinforce our mission statement of enhancing quality of life by providing safe, caring and reliable transportation services,” said OATS Corporate Trainer, Blaine Anderson. “Our top priority is the safety of our riders and drivers, and through their dedicated commitment to training, we are able to operate above the standard.”

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