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Tyson Foods Donates $5,000

Dustin Tippin and Alan Johnston from Tyson Foods, and Tracy Walkup and Brian Woolery from OATS Transit.

OATS Transit received a $5,000 donation from Tyson Foods, Inc. in Sedalia. In an effort to ensure Sedalia residents are provided reliable transportation to get to work and other basic needs, Tyson Foods presented OATS Transit with a donation on November 14, 2018.

OATS Transit has been providing transportation to work in Sedalia since the 1980’s. Federal funding in the 1990’s through the Job Access and Reverse Commute grant provided partial funding to begin the route that currently runs to Tyson Foods in the early morning and again in the afternoon. “We are grateful that companies like Tyson Foods are dedicated to giving back to the communities where they have facilities,” said Tracy Walkup, Regional Director for OATS Transit in Sedalia. “Partnerships like this allow us to continue our mission of providing safe, caring and reliable transportation.” added Walkup. Last year we provided more than 5,200 trips to Tyson to get employees to work, which operates Monday-Friday.

Tyson Foods is one of the largest employers in Sedalia. “OATS Transit provides a great service to our team members, our business and our community. They provide a user-friendly means for folks to get to and from their job- people that would almost certainly struggle to get to work otherwise due to the lack of flexible public transit in the area,” said Alan Johnston, Tyson Foods Complex Manager. “OATS Transit has been great to work with and have made great efforts to accommodate the fact that we have so many shifts and start/stop times. They are a great organization that we’re proud to sponsor! On behalf of the Tyson Foods, Inc. Sedalia Complex and the many team members that take advantage of the service, we thank OATS Transit, and particularly their drivers, for the service they provide,” added Johnston.

Other transportation in Sedalia includes The Bus, which OATS operates six days per week on a deviated-fixed route and is partially funded by the Community Transportation Partnership. Last year, 32% of the service provided to Pettis County residents was for transportation to work. Sedalia residents wanting to find out more about receiving transportation services should call the local office at 660-827-2611.


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