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OATS Transit receives grant from Boone Electric Community Trust

OATS Transit is pleased to announce it has received a $15,250 grant from the Boone Electric Community Trust. These funds will assist with purchasing two new Boone County buses.

“The Trust is excited to provide this funding to OATS Transit” Trust Chair Dorothy Grant says, “Knowing that the Trust is supporting this group’s efforts resonates with the Trust’s mission of “Making a Difference.”

49% of the service provided in Boone County is for transportation to work. In addition to work, the company provides transportation for medical appointments, essential shopping, nutrition and other needs to individuals with disabilities, seniors, and rural residents of any age. “We are grateful that the Boone Electric Community Trust is able to help us with the local match needed for our capital grant,” said Dorothy Yeager, Executive Director of OATS Transit.

Mid-Missouri residents wanting to find out more about receiving transportation services should call the OATS Transit regional office at 573-449-3789.



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