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Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Gives $2,400 Grant

OATS Transit has received a grant from Cuivre River Electric Community Trust totaling $2,400. In an effort to ensure residents are provided reliable transportation to allow them to live independently in their own communities, Cuivre River Electric Community Trust presented OATS Transit with the check from its Operation Round Up program.

The funds will be used toward the purchase of buses for Lincoln and Pike counties in Missouri. OATS Transit serves people with disabilities, seniors and the rural general public ensuring they have transportation to medical appointments, work, essential shopping, business errands and the senior center.

"OATS Transit does a great job of fulfilling the transportation needs in our communities," said Tim Schmidt, Communications/Media Specialist for Cuivre River Electric. "We are proud that Operation Round Up is available for organizations like OATS Transit to help them fulfill their mission to provide transportation in the communities we serve."

“We are grateful that organizations like the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust are dedicated to giving back to the communities they serve,” said Dorothy Yeager, Executive Director of OATS Transit. “Last year, we provided 1.5 million trips and covered 15.6 million miles statewide; over 51,000 of those trips were in the two counties for which we received the donation."



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