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Mideast Region Office Changes Fare Collection Methods

OATS Transit’s Mideast Region Office in Union MO has announced that they will stop accepting payments on their buses effective July 1, 2023. The areas affected by this change include Franklin and Jefferson counties in Missouri.

Starting in July 2023, Mideast Region drivers will no longer handle payments from riders. Instead, riders can add funds to their account in advance, and fares will be withdrawn each time a rider rides. Riders can call 888-875-6287 to add funds to their account, which requires a minimum of $10 each time. Riders can also send personal checks, money orders, or cashier’s check prior to riding the bus by mail to: OATS Transit, 247 Independence Drive, Union MO 63084.

This change is necessary to ensure faster loading times, the safety of our drivers, and the convenience of our riders. Rider fares help us maintain current levels of service and directly impact the company’s operating budget. Schedules and fare information can be found online at; click on the bus schedules tab, then the county you live in. Area residents wanting to schedule rides should call the local office at 636-583-1125 (Franklin County) or 636-933-9380 (Jefferson County).

OATS, Inc. (dba OATS Transit) is a private, not-for-profit corporation providing specialized transportation for rural residents of any age, seniors, and individuals with disabilities in 87 Missouri counties. OATS Transit is the largest and most unique transportation provider of its kind in the country. For more information about OATS Transit, please visit, and follow us at



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