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Marsha Crowley Celebrates 25 Years with OATS Transit

Sheree Webb honors Marsha Crowley with her 25 year clock.
Sheree Webb honors Marsha Crowley with her 25 year clock.

Marsha Crowley of Shelbina, MO was recently honored by OATS Transit for 25 years of service with the company. She started with the company in May 1995, which at that time was housed in Shelbina. In 2013, the regional office relocated to Macon, where Marsha still works.

Marsha is an Operations Coordinator and handles much of the northeast Missouri Medicaid program for the company.

“Marsha has consistently performed far beyond established objectives and has made significant contributions to our company,” said Regional Director Sheree Webb. “She is a great employee who has contributed so much to the success of the Northeast region and our Medicaid program."

The Northeast region has 90 drivers, 11 office staff, 200 volunteers, and 140 vehicles in its fleet. OATS Transit provides more than 1.4 million trips across the state of Missouri; 195,000 of those trips were in the Northeast Region alone.

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