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OATS Transit Receives Funding from the Productive Living Board

OATS Transit has partnered with the Productive Living Board (PLB) for more than two decades to provide rides to individuals with developmental disabilities in St. Louis County. This year, PLB will provide $1.7 million to OATS Transit to serve more than 180 riders and transport them to work at sheltered workshops, or to various group activities.  PLB also provides bus match dollars as needed, which helps our organization purchase new buses.


OATS Transit provides PLB-funded transportation services to numerous sheltered workshops in the St. Louis area. Some of these workshops include Canterbury Enterprises, Heartland Industries, Valley Industries, Project CU, and Lafayette Industries.  The workshops and their employees heavily rely on OATS Transit's safe and reliable transportation for their daily commute.


PLB is one of about 85 senate bill 40 boards in the state which are funded by tax levies within the county. The Productive Living Board ensures funding for a spectrum of high-quality services that create opportunities for St. Louis County residents with developmental disabilities. It is through our partnership with PLB that we ensure their clients get to work and out in the community.



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