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OATS Transit Receives Funding from The Productive Living Board of St. Louis County

At its May board meeting, the Productive Living Board of St. Louis County (PLB) approved a $1.54 million investment in OATS Transit’s transportation program. OATS Transit is responsible for getting St. Louis County consumers to work programs and other activities where they need our service.

“We have had a great partnership with PLB for more than 19 years” said Pam Knox, OATS Transit East Region Director. “OATS Transit transports more than 160 individuals with developmental/ intellectual disabilities to/from sheltered workshops for employment with these funds. Without this transportation many of these individuals would not be able to leave their homes,” added Knox.

PLB ensures funding for a spectrum of high-quality services that create opportunities for St. Louis County residents with developmental disabilities to thrive in the home, community, and employment settings of their choosing. In the 2023 fiscal year, they have committed to a $25,121,134 investment that will serve nearly 4,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through the 114 programs provided by their 39 funded partners.

For more information about OATS Transit please visit their website at and follow them on your favorite social media site.


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