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Q & A with Driver Barbara Bergthold

OATS Transit employs over 700 drivers statewide. They interact with riders on a daily basis and build strong relationships that keep our clients happy. While we are usually always hiring new drivers, we have some that have been with the company for years.

Barbara Bergthold has worked for OATS Transit for 35 years. She is a driver in Monroe County, which is located in our Northeast Region. Have you ever wondered what keeps someone at a company for 35 years? Read this Q & A with Barbara to see what she loves about OATS Transit!

Barbara Bergthold celebrates 35 years with the company

Q: What has kept you working at OATS Transit for 35 years?

A: The riders! I have enjoyed working with the people I have served.. Being out and about with my riders, The Challenges every day brings, you never know what will happen. The commemorating with the other drivers..I loved escorting the “Big Trips” we used to take, like the Hawaii and Alaska trip. Also the group travels from my county, through the years, they were a lot of fun. Q: Is there anything that has remained the same in the years you have been with OATS Transit?

A: There has been more changes in the 35 years, than there has been sameness. County work remains the same and the fellowship with the Monroe County riders which only deepens with time. Also, the support in keeping the vehicles in good condition.

Q: What do you love the most about your job?

A: The riders. Being out and about. Group travels. I enjoyed teaching CPR to the drivers for some 20 odd years and training new drivers.

Congratulations on this accomplishment Barbara. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your riders and to OATS Transit. Drivers like this are what makes our company so special!



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