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Behind the Scenes Wonder: Marsha Crowley

Gary Anspach, OATS Transit Mid-Missouri Regional Director

Marsha Crowley started with OATS Transit in 1995 as a Northeast Area Secretary. In her 27 years with us, she has worked in almost every department. Her current position as an Operations Coordinator involves booking and overseeing all Medicaid trips for the Northeast Region as well as helping schedule rides. She knows the ins and outs of OATS' transportation process and is a big part of getting people where they need to go!

“I set a personal goal to accept or work in as many Medicaid trip requests as I possibly can,” Marsha said. “I hate that we can’t accommodate every trip request due to short staffing. This is why I ask riders to give me plenty of notice of their upcoming trips so I can hold back a driver for them. After all, our riders need to get to their appointments, so I’ll go the extra mile to make that happen.”

Marsha encourages anyone who likes working with people to apply for a job with OATS Transit. “I’ve always said it is such a rewarding place to work. We help allow so many people to live independently in their homes simply because we take them to the doctor, to get their groceries, to pay their bills, or just to get out and be around others.”

Even though she doesn't drive a bus, Marsha is a vital part of the services we provide. “Missouri is very fortunate to have the OATS Transit service and I’m proud to have been a part of it for all these years!” Marsha added.

Because of employees like Marsha that work hard behind the scenes, we can continue to offer safe, caring, and reliable transportation to people all over the state.

Fast Facts:

Hired: May 1995

Title: OC3 (Operations Coordinator)

Location: Northeast Office in Macon, MO

(photo: Marsha Crowley)


“Enhancing quality of life by providing safe, caring & reliable transportation services.”



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