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Diane Floyd Celebrates 40 years of Service

Diane Floyd celebrates 40 years with the company

Out of the 48 years that OATS Transit has been operating (since 1971), Diane Floyd has been here for 40 of them. Floyd celebrated her 40th anniversary with the company in January. She is currently working as an Operations Coordinator in the Southwest Region which encompasses 17 counties in the state of Missouri.

The current SW Region Director, Jeff Robinson, describes Floyd as a staple who keeps the team honest and on track. “She is the fixture we’d have difficulty doing without,” Robinson said. “Everybody on the SW staff-past and present, including hundreds of drivers-have excelled under Diane’s guidance.” Robinson credits Floyd as being one of the two current staff members who taught him most of what he knows about OATS Transit services.

Robinson added a comment to Floyd when asked to remark on her 40 years at OATS Transit, “Diane, as you read this, just know that I, and others, will often fall short of being as loyal, as genuine and as good a person as you have been for all of us and for OATS Transit. We are thankful for your years of service, and guess what? At the current rate, your 50th OATS anniversary may be here before you know it!”

Some of her coworkers describe her as “a very kind person with a wealth of patience,” and “a go-to person no matter what the dilemma.” They also noted how much she loves her grandchildren. “Her dedication to OATS and to her grandchildren never ends,” one employee added. “She’s helpful, loyal and trustworthy- a good friend and coworker.”

A surprise party was held for Floyd by some of her coworkers on January 18th as a celebration for her 40 years of service



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