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Siobhan Moray: Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, OATS Transit is raising money for local grant match needed to buy a Ford Transit Bus. Your donations help us continue to serve riders who depend on us daily for their transportation needs. One of those riders is Siobhan Moray.

Siobhan on a break during a shift at McDonald's

Siobhan is a Camden County resident, and a single mother of two. She works full-time at a local McDonald’s as a manager. Siobhan is very independent, but she is unable to safely on her own drive due to her Cerebral Palsy. In the past, she has relied on friends and family as her primary source of transportation.

Two years ago she started riding OATS Transit, and she has been a different woman ever since. Various aspects of her life have improved including her job and relationship with her children. Siobhan describes herself now as more mobile and more available. “My boss says I’ve done so much better the last two years,” Siobhan said.

“I’m not constantly worrying how I’m going to get to work, and I’m more confident,” Siobhan said.

Siobhan rides at least 5 days a week for work transportation. OATS Transit also provides transportation for her medical appointments and shopping. “It’s a blessing,” Siobhan said. “There are days I’m like ‘I need x, y, z’ or my kids need something, so I just give them a call and they help out.”

Gaining more mobility and independence has been great for Siobhan. She maintains great relationships with her drivers and always feels like her feedback is valued. “They actually care about their riders,” Siobhan said.

“[OATS] is definitely above and beyond,” Siobhan said.


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