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Laclede Electric Trust Gives $5,000 for New Bus in Camden County

OATS Transit has received a grant from Laclede Electric Trust totaling $5,000. 

These funds will be used toward the local match on a new Ford Transit bus for Camden County MO.  48% of the annual trips in Camden County are for transportation to the Sheltered Workshop and 20% for community employment, so there is a definite need for work transportation in the community.  OATS Transit provides transportation for work, medical appointments, essential shopping, nutrition and other needs to individuals with disabilities, seniors, and rural residents of any age.

The donation from the Trust is possible because of the generosity of Laclede Electric’s membership. Cooperative members allowing their utility bills to be rounded up each month provide the funding for awards such as this. Shellie Weaver, program coordinator says, “It is a simple, yet impactful way for neighbors to help neighbors through the Operation Round Up® program. This small amount of change can literally change lives! We believe partnering with OATS Transit in providing this valuable resource to Camden County residents is a wonderful investment of our members’ donations.”

“We are grateful that organizations like the Laclede Electric Trust are dedicated to giving back to the communities they serve,” said Dorothy Yeager, Executive Director of OATS Transit. “Without the support from the Trust, these purchases would not be possible,” added Yeager. 

For more information about OATS Transit please visit their website at and find them at Camden County residents wanting to find out more about receiving transportation services should call the OATS Transit office at 573-346-9986.



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