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The Linc Public Transportation Program Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Steve Durben, OATS Transit Finance Director

(Macon, Missouri, March 8, 2022) – OATS Transit, a Missouri based not-for-profit transportation provider, is pleased to announce the 20th anniversary of The Linc public transportation program in Lincoln County this month. The Linc first began daily service through a partnership between OATS Transit, Lincoln County, and several other local agencies in March 2002.

An official celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, March 29th at 2 p.m. at the City Hall in Troy, MO. Local officials and representatives from OATS Transit will be at the celebration. The public is encouraged to attend.

The Linc buses run Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. OATS Transit oversees the operations of this service, which is funded by the Federal Transit Administration, Lincoln County, Community Opportunities, local advertisers, and rider fares/donations. Lincoln County residents are able to utilize not only The Linc service, but also OATS Transit and the InterCity Express, which offers long distance service on set routes. All of these transportation options are available to anyone of any age.

For more information about The Linc and OATS Transit, please visit our website at and follow us at Lincoln County residents wanting to schedule a ride, should call the office at 660-415-0901. We also have several driver openings in the area so we can grow our business and serve more clients. See our website for a full list of job openings.

(Photo: Long-time rider, Jeff Reed, exiting The Linc bus)

“Enhancing quality of life by providing safe, caring & reliable transportation services.”



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